Holiday Movies

It’s Black Friday, and the holiday season is suddenly upon us.

Blogs for this season will include reviews of movies referencing Hanukkah and, of course, Christmas.  While I am a fan of the standard canon of holiday shows (“Holiday Inn,” “The Christmas Carol,” etc.), I would like to look at films that fit the bill, but that perhaps have been overlooked.  So stay tuned.

Also, if there are some movies that you might like to hear about, please let me know.

Here’s one I won’t be doing a full review about..except to tell you, “Run Away!”  We’re talking Bad Santa (2003).

Bad Santa 2 came out this year, and my cousin invited me to see it, assuming I’d seen the first installment.  I had not, and attempted to watch Bad Santa 1 on  I lasted about 30 minutes and had to stop.  All I have to say is this:  I’m not into vulgarity for vulgarity’s sake.  Period.  End of review.

By the way, I will not be seeing Bad Santa 2.  I’d sooner have a root canal.

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