My Favorite Gene Wilder Moment…What’s Yours?

Gene Wilder

So much has already been written about Gene Wilder in the media that I hesitate to add anything more about his life in this blog.  Suffice to say that today the L.A. Times printed a couple of excellent articles about his life and career.  Please read them.

I will stick to writing about my favorite Gene Wilder film.  That has to be, hands down, the 1968 version of The Producers.  If you are not familiar with the plot, it’s simple and absolutely absurd:  Two men decide to produce a play so bad that it will close the first night.  They sell 25,000% to the backers, intending to leave town with the money after the play tanks.  There’s just one problem:  Their show accidently becomes a hit!

So many funny moments in that film, and one of the funniest is when Wilder, playing meek accountant Leo Bloom, goes absolutely berserk  in front of Zero Mostel’s Max Bialistock because he has just realized the gravity of their crime.

BLOOM:  I’m hysterical.  I’m having hysterics.  I’m hysterical….

BIALISTOCK:  [throws water on Bloom]

BLOOM:  I’m wet.  I’m wet.  I’m hysterical, and I’m wet!

BIALISTOCK: [slaps Bloom]

BLOOM:  I’m in pain.  And I’m wet.  And I’m still hysterical!


What’s your favorite Gene Wilder moment?  Please leave in comment section.

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1 thought on “My Favorite Gene Wilder Moment…What’s Yours?

  1. Howard M. Phillips

    My favorite has to be “Young Frankenstein.” Where to start. All the scenes with Marty Feldman; All the scenes with Cloris Leachman-Frau Blucher (sound of horses in background); Dancing and singing “Puttin on the Ritz” with Peter Boyle (the Monster); Bookshelf scene with Terri Garr-“Put the candle back”. Mel Brooks said that he probably wouldn’t have done Young Frankenstein with the urging of Gene Wilder. What a talent. Too bad his best films were all in the 1970’s and he seems to have almost disappeared after that.



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