What is Your Most Unforgettable Movie Scene?

When I was a kid, Mom loved watching The Million Dollar Movie, a TV program on Channel 9 in L.A. that featured classic movies.

One day, she had the TV on Channel 9.  I remember hearing police car sirens as a call goes out regarding a murder in Hollywood.  I went to the TV set.  The next thing I know, I’m at the bottom of a swimming pool, looking into the face of a dead guy floating at the top.  The dead guy is murder victim William Holden.  The remainder of the film is the explanation as to why dead guy Holden has ended up in the swimming pool.  Unforgettable.

And Sunset Boulevard is still one of my favorite movies.

What movie scenes stick with you?  Was it something you watched as a child?  Something you laughed at?  Cried at?  Screamed at with total terror?   Please, leave a response.


1 thought on “What is Your Most Unforgettable Movie Scene?

  1. Howard M. Phillips

    Movie scenes that stick with me:

    1. The Best Years of their Lives- four scenes: First when Frederic March, newly home from the war, comes into his apartment and surprises his family especially wife, Myrna Loy, who rushes into his arms. Second when another soldier with no hands- Harold Russell, a real disabled war vet-is helped by his girlfriend to get undressed for bed by taking of his prosthetic arms. Third when the alcoholic father of the third soldier covered in the movie, Dana Andrews, living on the “other side of the tracks”, proudly and sadly reads his sons bravery citation. Fourth when Dana Andrews wanders through a junk yard of retired WW II bombers, climbs into one and relives his war as he sits in the bombadiers seat while music and camera angles provide the emotion.

    2. Psycho-Stabbing scene of Janet Leigh.

    3. The Third Man-Orson Wells snappy dialogue with Joseph Cotton where Welles reminds us that all Switzerland accomplished in its whole history was the ‘Cookoo Clock”.

    4. North by Northwest-Cary Grant being chased by a crop duster biplane.

    5. Mr, Smith Goes to Washington-Jimmy Stewart collapsing after his fillibuster.

    6. Singing in the Rain-Gene Kelley “singin and dancin in the rain”

    7.Lawrence of Arabia-Omar Shariff coming out of the distant desert like a mirage.

    8. Sunset Boulevard-Last shot of Gloria Swanson after she says “I am ready for my close-up” and she comes right into the camera.

    9. Bullitt-car chase with Steve Mcqueen

    10. French Connection-Car rushing to catch bad guy with Gene Hackman.

    11. To Kill a Mockingbird-After Gregory Peck’s (Atticus Finch) gathers up his things to leave the courtroom and his daughter who is upstairs in the segregated balcony with the Black folks is told by the Black Minister she is sitting with “stand up because your father is passing.”

    12. 12′ O’ Clock High -When Brigardier General Gregory Peck give the cold hard truth to pilots that they should stop worrying about dying and just consider themselves dead.



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